About Us

Hoi An is well-known for its ancient values and is well-reserved with traditional vocational villages which are very peaceful and unique. Also, this ancient town has been famous for its original gastronomy and you can experience this in any restaurant in Hoi An. Among those Tra Que Garden (Cooking Class & Restaurant) is highly recommended by TripAdvisor!
Founded in 2016, Tra Que Garden (Cooking Class & Restaurant) located right at the heart of the Organic vegetable village which grows and supplies all kinds of herb and vegetable that the local markets need. At this location you are surrounded by Organic vegetable gardens and farmers who are busy with their daily farming activities. Tra Que Garden Restaurant commits to serve you food that is safe, fresh, local and authentic while to protect the environment where it operates. In addition, Tra Que Garden Cooking Class is proud to maintain and introduce you the real local recipes.

Our Services

– Cooking Class Packages
– Farmer Packages
– Foot Massage and Meal Package
– Lunch (Local Food Only)

Operating hours

– 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.

– We accept cash only.


We invite you to come and try this unforgettable experience!